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Sailing in French Polynesia –
Day Ten


If It’s Monday, It Must be Bora Bora

It rained during the night…a tiny but annoying leak in the hatch over my bunk. Woke up to rain. Had eggs and cantaloupe for breakfast.  We decided today should be spent in town: “find a movie theater ” and re-provision.

We took the dingy through the drizzle for lunch at the world famous sailor’s watering hole Bloody Mary’s.

Then, we moved the cat to a new mooring two coves north at the Bora Bora Yacht Club. Hiked into town to get provisions, and it started to rain again.  A clerk at the grocery store took pity on us, and offered us a ride back to the dingy.   It could have been a disaster, but it was all turned out to be a fun adventure.Susanne and Ben adjusted the mooring lines to stop the noise that went on all night. Thank you!

Happy hour began as soon as we arrived back at the boat.   Tunes: John Coltrane, Brazilian percussions and Illinois Jacquet.   Noshes:  Grapes, cheese and crackers.

I smelled the telltale aroma of an electrical fire.  No fire.  Whew!  But, Roger’s overheated charger had to be unplugged. Crises averted.

Dinner: Roger got the grill started, and the rain subsided. William grilled rosemary chicken and vegetables. 2 bottles of red.  We talked about Ben’s research on internet prostitution, drug dealing and it’s impact on law enforcement and the black community.

My turn to police the kitchen after dinner.

I was glad Laurent recommended that we cross to Bora Bora a day earlier than we had originally planned.  Otherwise, we’d have been caught in this weather.  Thank you.

A dark moonless sky our second night in the Bora Bora lagoon.  Just a slight drizzle.


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