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Top 10 Best Houses in Los Angeles – LA Times 2008

In 2008, the Los Angeles Times surveyed leading architects, historians and experts on their choice for the top 10 homes of all time in Los Angeles. These are the results.

1. Kings Road House Rudolph Schindler West Hollywood, 1921-22

2. Kaufmann House Richard Neutra Palm Springs, 1946

3. Ennis House Frank Lloyd Wright Los Feliz, 1924

4. Eames House (Case Study House No.8) Charles and Ray Eames Pacific Palisades, 1949

5. Stahl House Case Study House No. 22 Pierre Koenig Hollywood Hills, 1960

6. Gamble House Charles and Henry Greene Pasadena, 1908

7. Chemosphere John Lautner Hollywood Hills, 1960

8. Kappe House Ray Kappe, Pacific Palisades, 1968

9. Dodge House Irving Gill West Hollywood, 1916 (demolished 1970)

10. Hollyhock House Frank Lloyd Wright Hollywood, 1921


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